Projector in human design, 
oil painter & Graphic Designer,
earthy free spirited
wild woman, Energy Alchemist,
lover of a dirty chai,
keeper of harmony, 
& Creator Of Healers Of The Rose

In my heart of hearts, I am a deeply sensitive multi-passionate Artist, Healer + Energy Healer. My gift has been my deep awareness to the subtle energies all around us & the ability to truly see the gifts each one of us possess within us when we know how to trust ourselves. 

My path has had many twists & turns that cannot simply be summed up to a small paragraph but one part of my journey has remained constant through it all- my ability to reconnect with myself, to listen to my inner wisdom, living close to the Earth as a regenerative way of being &  through that finding my way through what seemed like the impossible to get to the other side.

 Along the way I have found my gifts & remembrances of being a natural born Seer/Healer who was secretly taught the old ways as a young girl by my mother to be my calling- rooted in the wisdom of the Earth, Moon & Stars, the Indigenous ways of living with the Earth (I am grateful to have been gifted this wisdom) & the Rose Priestess Path. It wasn't until I found Flower Essences that all these worlds seemed to merge together & my work was revealed as you are here receiving it now.

For over 14 years I have been learning my craft & guiding women just like you to activate & heal the wisdom within them as they  build their spiritual toolkit/ innate soul gifts & learn to strengthen their inner voice & trust themselves to guide their path. I have learned from the best in the industry & devoted my life to the healing arts & the rebirth of the sacred feminine. 

I am a sister, a friend, a lover, a healer, a witch, a bisexual woman, a woman of Argentine & European decent, a starseed, a rose priestess, here to guide you as you remember the timeless version of yourself to step back into your power, sovereignty, wisdom, & mission in alignment with your connection to the Earth. I believe in rebelliously slow, rooted, intentional living- living true to the calling of our soul & unique path outside of what the societal norms have been taught to us. Living in alignment with the mastery of our energetics & nervous system- I  believe that our paths have crossed for a reason & if you are here than you are ready to return back to Gaia, back to your original blueprint, & back to the embodiment of your core self.

i'm madeline astraia

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Floral wisdom &
Floral healing arts  

to guide you home

Flower Essences are a vibrational form of plant medicine that is the anchor point for this temple. Each Flower, Rock, Tree, Stone, Fungi, & Plant has a deep medicine & wisdom that is asking to be shared with you at this time. Flower Essences root you back into your physical body & embodiment while simultaneously allowing you to open & return back to your core self, gifts, spiritual path, & mission as the limitless expression you truly are.

As we look at Flower Essences through a Shamanic lens we are able to connect with them on a deeper level as Guides, Allies, & Teachers on your path. 

For every problem there is a solution, for every turn in your path there is a guide, for every chapter in your spiral journey there is an ever flowing amount of resources for your path. May you remember & honor the call of the Earth.

"It's time to remember who you truly are"

Our Circle's Center

Our Mission is to empower, activate, & provide a temple of support for the Space-holders, Soulful Seekers, Light Workers, Medicine Women, Wisdom Keepers, Earth Guardians, Priestesses, Witches & Healers of our time with the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine Mystery Paths, Flowers & the Earth.

Healers of the Rose is a modern day mystery school + temple space  birthed out of the call to be of service to support the rise of the Divine Feminine Energy Grid Rising on our planet at this time & to reveal the layers of wisdom within you as a woman & Healer guided by the Rose to activate your unique gifts, leadership. & healing role here at this time. May this temple be of service to your path & highest alignment with Gaia.

We believe that everything you need is already inside of you & you are on the path home to remembrance.

We believe that in your reconnection to the Earth & her natural rhythms you will unlock & uncover the deep well of wisdom within you & the never ending support all around you in the seen & unseen realms.

We believe in a holistic spiral approach to self care, spiritual, physical & emotional wellness, healing, & awakening to your life mission & work that encompasses all of you - that is always changing through the seasons & cycles of your life 

Come rest & dive deeper into the wisdom of your inner self as she weaves & flows within you so you can fully bloom as the unique gift of change to the world that you came here to be.

Come remember the ancient ways we used to gather, learn, share, & reclaim our connection to the Moon & Earth as we transform & guide each other from the inside out. 

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