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Floral Healing Arts

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Explore the world of Flower Essences as a tool to heal, expand, or step into your next level with the gentle wisdom of the flowers as teachers, guardians, & allies on your path of liberation! 

This Floral Healing Arts Custom Blend + Single Private Session is great for those who are not sure where to start with Flower Essences or are seeking support & transformation in a specific area of healing in their life!

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Soul of the Rose Intensive

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single session

A Custom in person half-day Intensive retreat & journey for the feminine leader who is ready to get to the root of what is holding her back, awaken their Rose Goddess Archetype & create space for a new path

Step into the Temple of the Rose as you explore the transformative temples of the Black Rose, Crimson Rose, or Pink Rose to support your path.

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Wild Sovereign Womb

Awaken your
Womb Wisdom

self paced course ||
Womb wisdom

Reclaim your sacred cycle & embody your sovereign feminine power with this self study course. 

Deep dive into the gateway of the Womb as you unlock your internal cycles that mirror the Moon & the Earth. 

Learn how to track, understand, & navigate the archetypal womb wisdom that lies within your body. Walk through this sacred initiation as a reclamation of your life, your power, your creative expression, & your path. 

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The Healers Way

Activate the Healer within

self paced course ||
Flower essnce healing & wisdom

Awaken the Healer within as you explore the core wounds of the Healer while working with flower essences to rebuild your internal foundation in this self study course. 

Heal the pieces holding you back, embody your inner healer, & reconnect with the wisdom within you. This is an expansive course here to guide you to your next level of empowerment!

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Wild Sovereign Woman

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self paced course ||
wild woman wisdom

Awaken the Wild Woman within you as you rewild yourself to live your truth, rediscover your innate connection to the Earth & create a life of ceremony, intention, & beauty. 

This path is designed to shake up the status quo & help you become more of who you are called to be so you can share your light & unapologetic presence with the world

Let's Rewild

She Blooms Leadership Circle

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self paced course ||
sacred feminine leadership

You have a gift to share, it's time to embody the leader within as you share your gifts with the world.

A journey to step into your sacred feminine leadership, awaken the mythic priestess within, discover your medicine & embody your mission. 

For the soulful seeker desiring to learn more about her innate gifts, & deepen in her commitment to herself & her work 

Activate your Path

Get Your
Goddess Glow On

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self paced course || wellness self care & holistic health

Get your glow on from the inside out as you nourish yourself mind, body, & soul to radiate from the inside out! 

Dive into your wellness journey as you learn to prioritize yourself, deepen into self care, & up level your life as the Goddess you are!

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