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a free monthly event to gather in community,
& Connect with the flowers to Deepen in ceremony as you anchor your path

A FREE Monthly Circle to virtually gather in Sisterhood, Ceremony, & the Wisdom of the Earth

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To gather in community & sisterhood as you take space for your vision, intentions, & life

These virtual community events are your time to drop down & in, to deepen into a theme of the month that you can carry with you & guide you to expand in your own life. 

Each month for a few hours you will receive the medicine of the Flowers that is asking to be shared at this time, have space to share your insights, revelations, & current journey while you are held & witnessed in sacred space with me & others walking a similar path. 

You don't need much, come as you are, & be open to the immense well of wisdom within you as you bloom, blossom, & unfold into who you truly are!

I can't wait to gather with you!

i invite you to come join me in sacred space..

Welcome Sister,

Upcoming Temples for 2022

Root into security with the wisdom of Red Cedar Tree

July 13th at 7-9pm est

july Temple

Awaken your Highest Timeline & Higher Purpose with Magnolia Tree

August 25th at 7-9pm est

august temple

join the circle

join the circle

Shine your light & embody confidence with Sunflower 

September 13th at 7-9pm est 

september temple

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We journey with theFlowers..

because they awaken our hearts & help us remember our power..

because they root us into our remembrance of belonging..

because they open new doors of possibility..

because they help us to attune to the connection that is all around us..

because they heal, alchemize, & activate all at the same time..

Bringing us the medicine we so deeply need..
May you remember

For approximately 2-3 hrs in our sacred space, you will drop down into your body, & beyond the veils of the logical mind to receive insight, inspiration, wisdom, mystical teachings, & guidance from your Highest Self in alignment with the Moon, Cosmos, & the wisdom of the Flower herself. 

The intention is to allow you to be nourished, gather in safe space & community, & give you the tools you need to propel yourself on your path. 

Themes for each circle will vary depending on the time of year or lunar cycle calendar. These themes I teach correlate to the Lunar Cycles, Wheel of the Year, Flower Essence & Earth Wisdom, Goddess Archetypal Wisdom & Creative Expression through dance, ceremony, & art from my years of study in Sacred Feminine Wisdom, The Rose Mysteries, & Healing Arts

Take what you need & leave the rest, if you feel called this circle is for you! 

Remember, Activate, & Expand...

In our Live Women's Circles you will...

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