My Story

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I have always been aware of the subtle energies, frequencies & beings surrounding us on a daily basis & how to guide others to activate their own awareness within themselves since the age of three. I came in with many remembrances of multiple lifetimes, abilities & mystery school teachings already complete, knowing I was called to very specific work in this lifetime & a very focused path for that journey. Being raised by a single mother who is a gifted Wise Woman, Healer, Herbalist & Starseed as well I was able to freely understand, learn & grow into this awareness over the course of my life quietly & privately in our small suburban christian town.

At the age of 6 or 7 I went to a friends house & proudly told her mom that we were witches - their family being Catholic were abhorred that their children were playing with such people & being seen (& told) as evil we were cast out of the group I had known to be friends.  Shortly after my mother decided to hide her way of living close to the Earth & we started attending church & in secret my mom taught me the wisdom of the Womb, the Feminine Path, & the knowledge of Herbs for health + body sovereignty far before it was acceptable or 'cool". From that moment on, I hid my gifts & stifled my intuitive abilities knowing that only at home would it be ok to speak of magic & the wisdom of the Earth/ The Unseen Realms, Healing + Herbs. 

At the age of 20 in my second year of Arts School I found myself hitting rock bottom covered in hives head to toe, struggling with daily anxiety attacks & an eating disorder, recovering from the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship, cut off from my body, my inner knowing & witnessing my entire life come to a direct halt until I chose to begin my healing journey, acknowledge & no longer hide or stifle my intuitive abilities, & began stepping onto the path I always knew was mine but wasn't ready to answer.

 The path of the Healer.

Over the course of those years I studied with multiple healers, read every book, got certified in multiple healing & energy healing modalities, dove into my shadow work head on, awakened to my gifts & began the journey of my life path & souls work.

I tried many times to focus on fitting myself into a box to “fit in” or to feel like the work I had done was “it” & each time I set a limitation for myself, for my path, & my life I was shown that in fact I am not simply made to fit into a label try as hard as I might. I struggled understanding why my path felt so different compared to those around me & why I couldn’t just be like everyone else.

 I spent many years feeling more out of place & not belonging, limited in my body than I did feeling comfortable. 

Several years ago The Wild Woman found me in a Barnes & Noble bookstore after it literally fell off the shelves & into my hands at a time when I desperately was searching to connect with myself- the part of me that was seeking creativity, passion, self expression, safety, security- a feeling like myself again that I didn't have the words for but only could ache for.. the part of me that I had been so in tune with as a young girl..the part of me that had somehow been snuffed out while I was trying to "be an adult" & I couldn't quite discover the exact point in time she had gotten lost.

I picked up Women Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes from the shelf that day & little by little my heart began to awaken again, my soul nourished & my heart guiding me down a new direction calling me to leave the marriage, sense of identity, & life behind that I had worked so hard for as I honored myself from the inside out.

With that life initiation I was activated & called back to walk the Priestess Path consciously in this lifetime even though I had unknowingly been training & walking it my entire life.. From that rebirth another life path opened up for me entirely & I was called to step into my leadership..

Nearly six years later down another wild journey of rediscovery, I am now called to share this medicine with you in my work & creation of several Temples which have now become Healers of the Rose as you discover a new path for yourself & reunite with the many layers of your Multidimensional Soul rooted in the wisdom of the Earth. 

Reuniting with the Divine Feminine & reclaiming the path of my Sovereignty has brought me back home to all pieces of myself, to the knowing & awareness that we are Cyclical Multidimensional beings who are not made to fit into the norms or structures of what we have been taught to believe is truth. We are meant to continually evolve, grow & learn throughout every part of this life. As women our bodies naturally shift daily & in a 28 day cycle, we hold many layers within this one aspect of “Self” & when we understand how to navigate those energies internally & externally our life beings to radically shift, transform & we activate the essence of who we truly are free from the conditioning of our upbringing & societal expectations.

 We become the best version of ourselves. 

The Wild Sovereign Woman is a woman living her authentic truth, vision & knowing in alignment with the her own path & rhythms, relationship with the Earth, Elements, & frequencies accompanying it. She does not fit into a box, she is ever changing, ever growing & ever evolving. She freely welcomes all faces of the Divine within her & knows her body is the Gateway.

Our heart knows the way. Our Soul is leading the vision. 

We are Multidimensional beings with a specific life path for this lifetime & journey. Your inner knowing is calling you forward in that understanding & in that expression. 

My journey isn’t over- it never will be, I will always be growing, shifting & learning, but in the self discovery of my own path, my own life & my own knowing I know that the feminine path itself is one of deep remembrance & She’s calling each of us to step forward back into our unique essence & unique wholeness so we can lead & create the change that is so desperately needed in our world.

For over a decade I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of amazing women all over the world just like you to help you discover your truth, express your feminine power & align with your life’s calling to embody your greatest dreams by reconnecting to the heart & soul of who you truly are.  

Each offering in this temple is intentionally created with love & deep respect to you in your evolving journey, geared to guide & activate you in a different place in your path & life so you may remember & live as the best version of you. 

Now She calls you to rise & remember who you truly are & why you have come to be here. 

Are you ready to deepen on your path of remembrance? 

I cannot wait to get to know you beloved Sovereign Sister!