Come nourish your heart
& find your center

Soul of the Rose Intensive

a half day ceremonial retreat to step through the threshold of transformation & realign with your divine feminine essence

Be held in ceremony by the magick of the Rose 
 to unlock the next steps in your journey 

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it's time to step through the crossroads of your life & into the next chapter of your path 

It's time to fill your cup, to gather your tools, & receive guidance for what's next in your journey.. It's time to stop saying " I don't know" & to activate your inner leadership that is ready to guide you from the inside out

You've already done some work on yourself & it's time to go deeper.. 

You are ready once & for all to gently break through the self imposed glass ceiling of your inner beliefs, vibration, & old ways of seeing yourself.

It's time to rebirth, to gift yourself this moment of expansion & say fuck yes to living a life that is aligned with your highest potential & light 

it's time to drop down & in . . .

Welcome Sister,

Let's get real & face this.. So you're inner petals can be rejuvenated, vibrant & renewed again 

Perhaps.. You're feeling the pull from something bigger than yourself to explore & expand into your Divine Feminine Essence

Perhaps.. You're at a cross roads in your life & are looking for a check in point that will allow you to cross that threshold with stability, ease & grace

Perhaps.. You're a Feminine Leader who's on the verge of burnout & you're looking for someone to hold you like you hold other people 

Perhaps.. You're aware that your stuck in a repeating pattern but don'y know why or how to get out of it 

Perhaps.. Your self aware but you feel lost right now & don't feel clear on the next right step for you 

We journey with the Rose..

because she carries the healing balm to soften your edges..
To nourish the waters of your soul..
To dance with your shadows..
To rewild your heart..
To alchemize what is no longer serving your path to return back to the Earth..

So you may root & remember the Divine Feminine Essence within

Choose your Journey to clear & make way for the new ...

The Black Rose
 Temple Journey

This temple is for you if..

temple of kali & durga

Step the temple of the Black Rose with the Dark Feminine Goddesses Kali & Durga as you are led through your inner underworld into the realm of shadow, death, & sacred rebirth for your highest expansion & personal liberation 

You are feeling stuck in the emotional cycle of powerlessness, frustration or anger, intrigued with the dark & your inner shadow, struggling with fear, feeling victimized, playing small, in self-denial, constantly questioning yourself, not ever enough, or ready to welcome a new chapter of your life in 

The Crimson Rose
 Temple Journey

temple of Lalita & saraswati

this temple is for you if..

Step the temple of the Crimson Rose with the Goddesses Lalita & Saraswati as you are led through your inner terrain to awaken the serpentine flow of passion, feminine power, womb wisdom, sovereignty, & desire in your life 

You are feeling stuck in the emotional cycle of living in extremes, deep longing, dried up creatively, experiencing repression of your feminine flow & sensual nature, if you are cut off from your body, your yoni/ womb, & your relationship to her, if you are feeling listless, angry, easily overwhelmed, or too rooted 

The Pink Rose
Temple Journey

temple of
quan yin, lakshmi, & bhuvaneshwari

this temple is for you if..

Step the temple of the Pink Rose with the Goddesses Quan Yin, Lakshmi, & Bhuvanwshwari as you are led through your inner terrain to nurture your inner child, create lasting peace in your life, & discover the abundance of beauty in every moment

You are feeling stuck in the emotional cycle of people pleasing, over working/ over achieving, if you are healing or struggling with the Mother Wound or your feminine lineage, if you are struggling with anxiety, just going through the motions, uninspired , jaded, & listless, seeking to be held & hold others without draining or overextending yourself 

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Led by your Inner Leadership as your guide

Alchemize your biggest hurdles into transformation 

Expanding your self awareness & spiritual toolkit 

Rooted in ancient feminine wisdom & the energy of the feminine 

Anchored in the deep wisdom of your full expression ...

Let's create the path as it unfolds from within you

A closer look at the journey...

A Half day of Private
In-Person Mentorship with me


Step into your half day of ceremony & private session at my home with custom support from me so you can get feedback & guidance on the areas of your life that you need the most support on.

I am here to guide you through your life's current transition point to gently nudge you to your next evolution- whether it's a loving space or a gentle kick of accountability in the butt! 

Private Ceremony with cacao to allow you to fully receive & be held 


Be fully supported in ceremony to heal, release, activate, or open up anything that is ready to be seen, felt & understood for your wisdom path at this time. 

Step through the threshold of your life's journey with clarity, discernment, & support

Rose Guardian Temple wisdom to clear, transcend & alchemize 

archetypal goddess medicine & wisdom

Embody the Archetypal wisdom & medicine of the Goddesses to allow you to have tools that actually work for your journey in a way that aligns for your uniquely. We will dance, play, create art, & reopen the channels of expression that are blocked or asking for a deeper expression within you.

Receive from the Goddesses as Archetypal paths to open new ideas, connections, & inspiration for your journey but also as Spirit Guides to continue to guide your path once our session is done 

are you ready for...

more beauty in your life...

More clarity & ease..

To finally bust through those barriers & have the tools to navigate life's terrain...

a full body fuck yes in your life?

Kind words

"Working with Madeline was a truly beautiful and transformative experience. I came out of our reading feeling centered as I remembered and awakened parts of my true self and calling. She shed so much beautiful light and clarity on the messages that I was sensing, but not quite understanding and she helped me heal past wounds that I had been holding onto for a long time. Madeline created a beautiful space with her intuitive wisdom and guidance that made me feel safe, inspired, and loved during our reading. I would highly recommend working with her and after just one session, I made the inspired leap to work with her for a full year."

- Lilia Gestson

After completing my journey with Madeline, I feel more aligned with my higher self than ever before. This experience has truly allowed me to deepen into my whole self and who I’m becoming, all while being fully supported. I feel as though I have anchored into my wild woman within thanks to this program. Madeline has this beautiful way of providing insight in the moment that directly connects and heals throughout this journey. Get ready to expand, embrace, and embody your own inner wisdom, power, and truth to step further into your sovereignty!

- Kerry Ferber

Working with Madeline was an endlessly beautiful experience. My Spiritual growth has been major for me over the past few years, and Madeline has a way of focusing our internal magic into a flow of recognition and divine awareness. Her grace and giving soul speak for themselves and make you instantly at ease to recharge and release all resistance and fear. I am grateful to have crossed paths with such an enlightened ray of light, as are many of my soul sisters

-Alexa Scaltrito

what's included

A 1:1 Half day Custom Ceremonial Retreat & Coaching Session 

Rose Goddess Wisdom & Archetypal teachings 

Cacao Ceremony & Floral Healing Arts medicine bundle

Email Access & self study check in to support you as you move forward & plan what's next

Kind words

The power of her intuition and channeled guidance brought an additional powerful element to our exchanges. Our sessions were a blend of down to earth practical insights and insightful guidance in touch with our spirits and guides. As a result of our work together I have gained a deep understanding of things that were blocking me and let go of them creating profound shifts and deep transformation. I have also received clear and specific guidance on practical things that I could do to obtain my goals and sustain my transformation. I always ended every single one of our sessions with a feeling of surprise, awe, elation and giddiness from the powerful new outlook that resulted from every encounter.
Working with Madeline as a coach me was a powerful transforming experience and I feel grateful for the blessing the time we worked together. She helped me transform fears and limitations and re-work my marketing message. 

-Valerie Bottazzi

As your session comes to a close we will close our container, give you time for integration, & you will then be able to access your implementation self study guide to keep you on track with your progress, & fully support yourself with any shifts that occur after session ends. You will have your Custom Flower Essence blend to support your emotional & energetic shifts as well 

06. closing ceremony
 & implementing your progress

After shifting what is ready to be released we pave the path for the work you will do at home after your session is over to support you moving forward with ease. You will have time for any questions, clarity on any exercises you need to do, or general questions as you are crystal clear on where your path is heading

05. making way for new roots

Going deeper into the Archetype of the Goddess you will have private time for private coaching with me on any healing work that needs to be done for you to fully move beyond your current barrier in your life. This includes ecstatic dance, mantra, goddess archetypal teachings / myth & energy healing

04. Coaching,
energetic alignment & embodiment work

We will open session with a cacao ceremony to begin our journey into the Rose Temple for you to begin to open, connect to your heart, & receive the guidance for you at this time 

03. Cacao ceremony
& opening the rose temple

Together we will choose what Temple journey is activating within you as the medicine you are here to receive & the tools this temple has for you so you can embody & fully express your inner self. You will receive a PDF bundle on the Goddess teachings to keep for future reference

02. choose your rose temple journey

To book your session  you will fill out a questionnaire style Welcome Packet that will allow both of us to dive deep into what is & isn't working in your life so you can be crystal clear on what themes & topics are coming up for you & how to move forward in our session

01. fill out your welcome packet 

The Flow of your temple session

One payment of $800






The Payment Details 

your journey starts here!

Be supported by the Floral Healing Arts with a Custom Blend made just for you to stabilize & support you emotionally & physically as you continue to implement what we have cleared, & activated in your 1:1 session! 

Each blend lasts 30 days

A Custom Flower Essence Blend to stabilize & support you all month long


What Rose Guide is awakening within you?

Hindu Goddess of Infinite Space 

Discover how to create space in your life, dance in the unknown & birth your dreams into existence 

Quan Yin:
Buddhist goddess of compassion & mercy 

discover how to have more Self compassion, forgiveness, self-love, Inner child healing, & grace

Hindu Goddess of abundance, beauty,
& love

Discover How To open to true abundance, cultivate your full radiance, & create a life of beauty

Hindu Goddess Of Revolution

Discover How To cut away what no longer serves you with love, step into your inner shadow, dance with your inner warrior

Hindu Goddess Of Protection & strength

Discover How To protect yourself & energy, cultivate your discernment, & activate your inner warrioress

Hindu Goddess Of spiritual eroticism

Discover How To step into your sacred, sensuality, express your sovereignty with the balance of both masculine & feminine, live life through divine play, & birth your highest desires

Hindu Goddess Of creativity, insight, & sound

Discover How To express your voice, create flow in your life, live with creativity, & connect with your inner wisdom

Mary Magdalene:
Keeper of the Rose & High Priestess 

Discover How To awaken your Inner Magdalene Frequency, Step into Sensuality, & Activate the Rose within

enter the temple 

Book your session below & let's chat details! 

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"Madeline's work is all about innate wisdom, transformation, self-love, and nurturing your feminine energy. I came across her and her beautiful work and knew instantly that she was offering something magical."

I found that with each conversation we had, our connection went deeper and deeper. Madeline is a true inspiration, giving so much support and love!
I have so enjoyed the time we have spent together so far and look forward to spending a whole lot more in the future. I am incredibly grateful to have met her and would recommend anyone looking for heartfelt guidance to self-love and transformation."

- -Hannah Blossom
Creator & Visionary of Wild Goddess - Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine, Temple Body Artist, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Wellness Therapist

Is the Rose calling you?

If you've made it this far, chances are you are being called by the Rose..

To reclaim, to remember, to activate something deep within you..

She calls & comes to you through the pull you have to her. 

If you are even slightly curious about this offering- there is a deep well of medicine & wisdom waiting for you

Only you can say Yes to yourself, only you can say Yes to the beginning journey & unique relationship you have with the Rose & all she holds 

Be held, be nourished, be watered, & be renewed.. 

journey with the rose

To allow the time for a deep dive & integration this session is 4 hrs long. On special occasions these sessions may be split up in to 2 (90 min) sessions depending on the theme/ depth of the work being done 

06. how long is this session?

That is totally ok! Sometimes we just need a safe space to receive, to tune in, & to be held- this container can be whatever you need or desire it to be & we can also work with the energies of the Rose specifically if you choose- just send me a heads up of what you desire in the application & we can chat details on what that specifically looks like for you! 

05. what if i just want to use this session to receive, reconnect with myself & fill up my self care cup?

I am thrilled to answer any questions you may have- just send a message over here to

04. what if i have a question not listed on here?

For best results in this container we work with only 1 Temple at a time- you can choose to add on another session or upgrade to another higher level offering. Your Temple will be chosen together based on what your current needs are, what is coming up both intuitively & personally in your life, & what problems or barriers are presenting themselves. 

If you need a hand choosing your temple just send a message directly to me at & we can chat via email more in depth or book a free 1:1 call to chat! 

03. how do i know what temple is best for me & what if i want to work with more than one?

As of right now everything is done in person & you will have additional instructions in your client hub that are self study on how to continue the journey. 

Due to the nature of this work there are no refunds

02. how is this session conducted & are there refunds?

Right now there is just a follow up email & self study guide to keep you on track & mapping out what's next for your journey! If you feel you need more support reach out & I will help you choose what's best for you next!

01. do you currently offer additional support after this session?

Your questions answered